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Here Below Are 7 Best Tips

1. Sex Toys Sex toys have become an increasingly popular choice among men looking for something different to spice up their love lives. So many people feel their sex lives are lacking some sort of novelty and variety, and these products are often seen as a great way to add fun to the bedroom.

2. Oral Sex Oral sex is incredibly intimate and pleasurable - it might not seem romantic, but if your partner enjoys giving you oral sex, then they're truly showing their affection. A good blow job can leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied, so try doing things out of the ordinary to keep the mood fresh. If you enjoy sucking cock, look around online for suggestions of what positions you should try, and how best to go about performing them. You may find that you enjoy getting fucked while you suck someone off!

3. Anal Play Anal play involves inserting a finger or object into the anus to stimulate the sphincter muscle. It's extremely pleasurable for both parties and is a fantastic way to get turned on with anal stimulation. It's also quite comfortable and safe for beginners, especially if you start out gently and work your way up.

4. Cunnilingus Cunnilingus (also known as 'tongue kissing') is the act of using your mouth and tongue to caress a woman's genitals, nipples, and clitoris. While cunnilingus isn't as popular as it once was, it's still a wonderful way to provide extra pleasure for a partner. If you've never tried it before, get started slowly and gradually increase pressure and speed until you reach orgasm together.

5. Pussy Licking Pussy licking is similar to cunnilingus, but instead of focusing on the clitoris, it focuses directly on the vagina. Unlike oral sex, pussy-licking doesn't require any fingers, but it does require you to use your tongue. You can either do it on its own or as a follow-up to cunnilingus.

6. Roleplay Roleplaying is an erotic game where partners take turns playing certain roles. These roles could involve being a school teacher, doctor or even a superhero. Your partner would then act out the role you chose and perform a sexual act as instructed by you. Most people enjoy roleplaying for two reasons; firstly, it provides you with an opportunity to explore new sexual scenarios that you otherwise wouldn't experience, and secondly, it helps you to learn new skills.

7. Fingering Fingering is a type of foreplay where you stimulate the inner labia and clitoris using your fingers. Many people enjoy fingering solo, which means stimulating yourself without the help of a partner, although it can be enjoyable to tease your partner by touching your genitals while they're trying to focus elsewhere. Once you've learned how to touch yourself sensually, experiment with different techniques to create new sensations. Start slow and gentle, then move onto more extreme positions.

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